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After last week’s spotlight on the health benefits of beans & legumes, an interesting article on consuming red meat caught my eye. At the end, Kevin Coupe from adds his always worthy opinion and some common sense. Excerpts: The New York Times reports on a new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine and conducted by "an international collaboration of researchers," suggesting that concerns about the consumption of red meat and processed meat may be much ado about nothing.
That's right. After years of being told to cut back on red meat consumption "because of concerns that these foods are linked to heart disease, cancer and other ills," the public now is being told that "the disadvantages are not sufficient enough to tell individuals to change their meat-eating habits." According to the story, "The new reports are based on three years of work by a group of 14 researchers in seven countries … The investigators reported no conflicts of interest and did the studies without outside funding … The new analyses are among the largest such evaluations ever attempted and may influence future dietary recommendations. In many ways, they raise uncomfortable questions about dietary advice and nutritional research, and what sort of standards these studies should be held to."

KC's View: "While I'm sure some consumers may be alternately confused and delighted by this new study, in some ways researchers seem equally perplexed … not so much by the data, but by the diametrically opposed conclusions. As best I can understand it all much of this comes down to the difference between statistical research and observational research; the latter is easier to do than the former, but may be less scientifically conclusive.
" In the end, consumers will make the best decisions they can based on the available and understandable data, or they'll make the decisions they want to make, not because of data but because they are the decisions they want to make. (Or they'll choose only to pay attention to the data that supports their own biases.) I know what I'm going to do. Occasionally eat steak or hamburgers or pork or chicken, eat seafood several times a week, and try to eat more fresh produce whenever I can. It just seems sensible, and I feel better when I eat that way. Maybe I'll live a long time. And maybe I'll get hit by a bus, but I'll have done what I can to be both happy and healthy.


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