In this week's ad, Mar 30 - Apr 5

Here is Steve's "no frills" list:

This week’s ad was approved by me when I was in Florida a few weeks ago (seems like a year ago!). That was the week that started normal enough but by Thursday the President declared a national emergency and panic buying ensued.

That has settled down since the Governor issued her “stay home” order and now the shelves at Dick’s are stocked well except for the few critical items (TP, Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, etc.)

That being said, we still cannot guarantee all the products in this week’s ad will be in stock every day since it was written so far out. Some of the specials I’m quite sure we will have a good supply of are listed below. Holiday Hams for example were pre-ordered long ago and are guaranteed to ship. They will be on sale for the next two weeks.

Finally, on behalf of all our employees, many of who were their household’s secondary income but now are their only income, we thank you for shopping local and for giving us such warm & encouraging comments on our facebook page.


Full Deli shipments have been a bright spot throughout the crisis.
A couple features include our famous
Chicken Salad and
Crispy Chicken Tenders.

Nabisco & Frito have experienced a few shortages, but
we should be okay with these features. –

Beer Cave is well-stocked with weekly specials.
BTW did you notice?
OBERON is here! Can sunny days be far behind?

Reminder: Dick’s has always been priced at State Minimum on all packages.


Dick’s Award Winning
Original Bratwurst

(Only as supply is fulfilled.)

Dick's Market Floral

We have what you need
for all your get-togethers.

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