In this week's ad, Mar 18 - 24

Pork continues to be a great value.

Even more so at Dick’s where our Butcher properly
trims away the fat so you don’t pay for a lot of waste.

Lots-of-Savings also on Beef, Chicken, & Burger

The Florida Berry Crop is going strong
with wonderful-looking fruit.


Huge Savings on Kraft Products throughout the store.

NCAA March Madness begins this week!
Stock up on beverages and good luck with your bracket.

Loads of bargains on many of our most-desired
Deli-made Products:

Caledonia’s Big O' Smokehouse
creates a new favorite!

We use Pepperidge Farms Stuffing. Best baked in the oven.
Dad had a big chuckle when I ran the very first "Stuff It!" ad.
Those of you who recall Dick and his jolly yet gruff manner are likely
smiling and nodding in agreement.
When will we ever drop this politically correct nonsense
and allow ourselves a little more fun?


Mushroom & Swiss Cheese Brats


Homemade Bologna

Big O’Smokehouse
• Smoked Salmon Patties

Dick's Market Floral

We have what you need
for all your get-togethers.

Gourmet Deli Trays & Gift Ideas

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