In this week's ad, Jul 26- Aug 1

Here is Steve's "no frills" list:

At all stores prices on many cuts of meat have increased

to $10-$15 per pound or more. Dick’s has options for you

that cost around $5 per pound, starting with

all varieties of our famous Bratwurst.

You can control your shopping budget at the

meat counter this week by purchasing

any of the fresh lean meats below -

Make a Fruit Salad or as a snack.

August is right around the corner. Mark your calendar.

Dick’s Bratwurst Cookout with entertainment and more.



• Sundried Tomato & Herb

Jalapeño Bratwurst


Deli Thin Shaved
Smokehouse Dried Beef

Dick's Market Floral

We have what you need
for all your get-togethers.

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