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Here is Steve's "no frills" list:

Burgers & Brats

Which of Dick’s Bratwursts is your favorite?

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Highlighting Burgers & Bratwurst this week brings back memories of our family Easter gathering and an incident I had while grilling. As you recall it was a beautiful day and we were enjoying the great outdoors finally on the deck and in the yard. As I was having conversation and flipping burgers I noticed I wasn’t getting any heat so without thinking I turned a burner up and hit the igniter switch and BOOM!

The loud explosion scared the daylights out of everyone on the deck and covered me with soot. Luckily everything was okay, just some displaced Brats and an embarrassed grill guy who got a startling reminder to always let any gas clear before lighting a grill. LOL!



• Cheddar Bacon

Bulk Style
• Italian Sausage
Hot or Sweet


• Big O’Smoke House
Salmon Jerky
Assorted Flavors, 4 oz.

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