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Here is Steve's "no frills" list:

Time to PIG OUT!


At Dick’s we label these as Boston Style Pork Roast.
I googled it for you and the answer was very interesting-
“Apparently butts are named after the barrels pork used to be
stored in around the time of the Revolutionary War;
they were called butts. And the reason butts are often 
called Boston butts is because they were considered
a New England specialty.”



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After many times of featuring these together I began to wonder,
what’s the difference between a "bun" and a "roll"?

Google answers weren’t real definitive. Some thought that “They are very similar, but a roll might be a little fancier and a bun more informal. For example, we have hamburger and hot dog buns, but dinner rolls and cinnamon rolls”

Then another said “the FDA draws no distinction between buns & rolls. Neither do retail bakeries. One company’s hamburger bun is another hamburger rolls. Sort of like asking, is it a hamburger or a chopped beef patty”

Finally, from Yahoo Answers: “I work in a big factory/bakery, and I work on the roll line. There is no difference, just a matter of preference. Dinner roll, Hamburger bun, same crap, different pile.”


• Bulk Pork Sausage

Original, Chorizo, or Maple

Original Bratwurst

• Jalapeno Cheddar Bratwurst

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